Fall equals festivals and good fun food

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Fall is getting closer. Some would even say it is already here. To me it is the best time of year.

While most people would say that spring or summer is their favorite season, I love fall.

What's not to love about fall. So many wonderful things go on during this season.

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Of course, the most important is college and high school football. Most people would say this actually starts in the summer with August kickoffs. But to me the season officially begins with the first chill in the air. Sometimes in Alabama we have to wait for that chill a little later than others do, but when it comes we know the conference and region races are about to heat up.

It also makes tailgating a lot more fun. No one likes to sweat during their times of leisure. When fall really kicks in the temperature is just right to spend a day outdoors grilling. By then the brutal summer humidity has been sent packing and everyone is in a better mood.

Fall also means hunting season is almost here. From the first dove shoot in September hunters can almost taste the beginning of deer season. Many can't wait until the rifle season and use either bow or black powder rifle season to ease their buck fever.

Others satisfy their urge to hit the woods by plugging squirrels or going after trophy hogs. While hog season is open year round it just seems to be more fun in the fall.

Fall is also the best time of year to go camping and fishing. I have always had more luck with fish in October than any other month of the year. I guess they are livelier in fall too. As far as camping goes, you can't beat the fall weather. It is cool enough to be comfortable and warm enough to keep you from getting a cold.

Probably the best things about fall are the celebrations. During fall fairs and festivals pop up everywhere. There are very few weekends that a person can't find something fun to do. Most every town will have some sort of celebration like Oktoberfest or a fall festival. If you have a funnel cake or candy apple addiction this time of year is like Christmas.

The biggest and best celebration of fall is Thanksgiving. This holiday is tough to beat. The purpose of the entire holiday is to get as many people together as you can and encourage them to eat as much as you can. It is an official off day for carb counters.

Aside from the food, the Thanksgiving Day parade is also a big deal. It gives my niece her first look at Santa Claus, who always rides on the last float. Somewhere along the line a backyard football game usually breaks out.

With all the fun and festivities it is hard to argue there is a better time of year than fall. While Spring is the sign of new beginnings and summer is a time of leisure I prefer fall. It is a time of tradition and fun and that will always be special to me.

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