W.O. Parmer trying new program

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 29, 2004

At W.O. Parmer Elementary School, learning is a year round process.

While most schools around the state are empty this time of year, W.O. Parmer is full.

This summer, everyone at W.O. Parmer is learning something.

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It’s not just the students that are receiving an education. The teachers are in the classroom gaining instruction as well.

W.O. Parmer teachers are participating in the Read Well program along with Sopris West.

Sopris West is a respected educational publisher and staff development provider that helps educational professionals better serve students.

Through materials and training, Sopris West helps staff to effectively deliver instruction to students and better manage behavior.

W.O. Parmer Principal Carole Teague said the program allowed teachers to see a lesson plan in action.

&uot;They go in the classrooms and model and all the teachers observe and take notes,&uot; said Teague. &uot;It’s very effective. It helps us to see the plan in action.&uot;

Teague said the program is still fairly new to the school, but is very effective and hands on.

&uot;This is a brand new program,&uot; said Teague. &uot;We just started doing it last year. Having someone on site really helps with our professional development.&uot;

The company came to W.O. Parmer from Oregon and has been a great help to the teachers.

The program has been very upbeat and the teachers seemed to enjoy it.

Another positive part of the program has been the teachers working together as a team.

The instructors from Sopris West go through the lesson plan and the teacher’s work together to complete a project.

&uot;We all observe and take notes and then we come back together,&uot; said Teague. &uot;Then we all do the lesson together. They also give us time for questions.&uot;

Some students are also using the summer months as a learning experience.

W.O. Parmer has a large number of children in summer classes.

So far, 146 children have attended summer school.

The children have come to the summer school for different reasons.

Some needed a little help to catch up while others just needed a place to go during summer.

By the end of the summer both hope to be ahead of the game.

Teague said things have gone very well.

&uot;We have had a good summer school so far,&uot; said Teague. &uot;The classes are small so the children are get more individual attention.&uot;

Teague said the children seem to be having a good time at school.

&uot;The children have had a lot of fun,&uot; said Teague. &uot;We have provided them with a variety of activities to hold their attention like creative writing.&uot;

The teachers and students arrive at 8 a.m. every day and remain until 12:30 p.m.

Teague said in the short time they are there they have made great strides.

&uot;They have made a lot of progress,&uot; said Teague. &uot;I am really proud of what our children have done. As always, I am also very proud of our teachers. They have all done a great job.&uot;