Tranum, Norman deserve credit for a job well done

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 23, 2004

When high school students do their job properly, they earn the desired goal - a high school diploma. But when they excel to the top of their class, the community should fittingly be notified in local press.

Unfortunately, and with deep regret, a mistake along the way to publishing recognition in the Luverne Journal led to Tiffany Lane Tranum - deservedly the Valedictorian of the Luverne High School Class of 2004 - being identified as the Salutatorian instead.

Both Tiffany and her peer and classmate, James Norman, the actual Salutatorian, exceeded the requirements to earn their diplomas, and both of them soared above the rest of their class to the top.

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But Tiffany, with a weighted grade point average (GPA) of 4.5, surpassed all expectations of her instructors, parents and peers. She went above and beyond in her efforts to learn more while in high school.

I wish at this time to offer my sincerest apologies to Tranum, Norman, their families, school, friends and the community for letting such an error go to press, and can only strive to do better in the future to bring accuracy to the community in its newspaper.