Embracing Hank Williams

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 2, 2004

This weekend marks the 25th annual salute to Hank Williams Sr. by his boyhood hometown of Georgiana.

It is our opinion that our county does not use this drawing card enough to our advantage.

When they first began talking about a museum to the late country music legend, people scoffed, some laughed and many said it would never fly.

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Well leave it to Georgiana to prove the naysayers all wrong by not only bringing the museum to reality, but to keep an annual festival that continually improves.

Yes, Hank Williams lived his life hard.

He worked hard at his music and he partied even harder.

In the end at age 29, his hard living ways cost him his own life, but in his passing, a legend was born. A visit to the museum and a glance through the official guestbook, one quickly learns that Hank still has fans and we're not talking just locally.

In that book, you can find fans from all over our country, Canada and Europe.

And for those who don't think he is draw to this county that offers financial support, call the local hotels in Greenville and ask for a vacancy for this weekend.

You won't find one because they are all booked by people attending the Hank Williams Festival.

No, Hank Williams may not have been the model human being and like us all, he had his vices and faults, but like it or not, the man that has shaped so many aspects of American music did indeed call Butler County home at one point in his life.

For us not to embrace his memory and legacy is a crying shame.

So with all the other things we are known for, let us be quite proud to say that yes, Hank Williams did indeed sleep here.

Support the festival this weekend and find out what you've been missing.