We#039;re all merely human

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 19, 2001

Six years ago, a man was driving from Houston to Baton Rouge to visit his father.

It had been 16 years since the two had met and as soon as the son finished his shift, around 11 p.m., he hit Interstate 10 immediately.

He moved from Louisiana when he was 19, just after his father, who was a preacher, disowned him.

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The son had a drug addiction and stole $75 from his mother's purse and when his father found out, he demanded that his son leave the house.

The son did and admitted himself into a drug rehabilitation center. From the day he left the center, he vowed he would never touch drugs or alcohol again. He never did.

He straightened up his life. He moved to Houston where he worked in the oil business and moved up the ladder quickly. He got married and had a son of his own, who became the light of his life.

Throughout the years, he kept in touch with his sister who constantly begged her father to forgive his son. He never would.

But, finally, after 16 years, the father gave in and when the son heard the news, he packed his suitcase so that as soon as he was off work, he could drive straight home to Louisiana.

Unfortunately, he never made it. He fell asleep at the wheel and hit a telephone pole. He died instantly.

Moral of the story – even the best people in the world are merely human.