Does Butler County need a P.T.O.?

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 28, 2001

At Thursday night's meeting of the Butler County Board of Education, Town Hall Meeting Spokesperson Roberta Franklin stressed to the school board the importance of a parent-teacher organization. One thing Franklin said that a P.T.O. is useful all the time and is especially helpful when problems arise that parents are concerned about.

But, the Board of Education didn't seem to take much interest in the Franklin's recommendation of the creation of a parent-teacher organization. Although no boardmembers showed any opposition to the possibility of the group, they also showed no support.

However, some parents are already actively involved in the schools through the athletic booster clubs or band booster clubs. But, the fact of the matter is, there could never be too much participation by parents in the public, or even private, school systems. Parents are supposed to be involved in a child's education -- setting the standard at home leads to better standards at school and throughout a child's life.

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In fact, the National Center for Education Statistics recently found that 50.7 percent of parents who are actively involved in their children's education have children who receive all A's.

In both 1996 and 1999, at least 90 percent of children had parents who participated in at least one general meeting, scheduled meeting school event or school committee. However, parents in both years were least likely to participate in the activity that required the most time -- acting as a volunteer or serving on a committee, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

But, even if a child receives all A's, it is not a reason for parents not to be involved in education. Maybe a parent-teacher organization would improve Butler County students grades. It might even improve S.A.T. scores. Who's to say?

Parents may argue with the Board of Education on who is right and who is wrong. But, it doesn't matter which side wins as long as the children do.