Earth Day plays key role in preserving planet

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 13, 2000

This Saturday marks the 28th Earth Day and since its inception the event has brought to attention many of the environmental problems that face our planet. The designation of this day as a time to bring issues such as pollution, global warming and recycling into the consciousness of the world's population has helped to preserve our natural resources for many years to come.

Even here in Butler County, students have been doing their part by cleaning their campuses and planting trees and flowers. Teachers, parents, students and even corporate sponsors like International Paper and Weyerhaeuser Timberlands got into the act. All of these people have played an important role in teaching our children that our environment can be fragile and we must do our part to make sure it survives for generations to come.

Many think Earth Day is about doing something to help the environment once a year. The truth is, the day is intended to bring environmental issues to mind so that we, as a society, can make changes in our everyday lives to make a difference and assure that the human race can always call Earth our home.

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