Achiever nominees deserve pat on back

An achiever is defined as a person with a record of successes. Read more

Being a journalist not so bad

Think you have the worst job in America? Well, you’re wrong. Read more

Rep. Holmes, nice to meet you

Rep. Alvin Holmes doesn’t believe “a whole bunch of whites” would adopt African-American children. I could introduce him to at least two. Read more

Fifteen minutes could save our county

If you could spend just 15 minutes to help ensure a brighter future for our community, would you take the time? Read more

Now’s the time to prep for tornadoes

Spring is a time of rebirth. Read more

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Opinion Columnists

Gay marriage: An attack on America

Few things outside the realm of college football remain as sacred as the institution of marriage. Read more

Gambling can lead to new problems

Politicians in Montgomery who believe an expansion of gambling is a way to collect needed funds to run state government are either uninformed or are ... Read more

Tuscaloosa County, state’s ‘capitol’

By Steve Flowers Throughout Alabama political history, certain cities, counties and enclaves have had a proclivity for having an inordinate number of their citizenry serve ... Read more

‘Rise Up’ for Stuart Scott

A little bleary-eyed and trying to wake up Sunday morning, I watched TV like normal, until I heard the news of the passing of Stuart ... Read more

Let the past dictate future choices

As a 25-year-old single male, commitment is not my strong suit. It’s tough for me to even commit to breakfast most mornings. I graduated with ... Read more

Letters to the Editor

Alliance is seeking contributions

Alabama’s Lobbying Alliance — a non profit alliance — that’s committed to truth and justice coupled with all other essential characteristics for completeness, will in ... Read more

Domestic violence law needs to be examined

In response to your article concerning high profile domestic violence cases, I would like to offer the following: Read more

Why should business be punished for shooting?

Dear Editor, There are lots of comments swirling regarding the shooting that occurred on Sunday outside of the Front Street Pub. In the aftermath, the ... Read more

Safe Harbor staff gives back, comes to writer’s aid

Dear Editor, How do you thank someone for being the “enough” that you’ve needed in your life? After my mom passed away in 2004, a ... Read more

County loses standout educators

Butler County lost two exceptional educators this year, Mr. Shelby Searcy and Ms. Lillie Pearl Herbert. Read more