Tracy Salter

Inaugural Camellia City Fest nears

Inaugural Camellia City Fest nears

Camellia City Fest, the first-ever downtown event, is set to take place Sat., March 14.  Visitors can expect a fun-filled, family-friendly event full of musical ... Read more

The experience of flying first-class

I’ve never flown on a commercial flight.  But the thought of flying first-class airfare brings images of a large and comfortable seat at the front ... Read more

‘Laughter’ highlights woman celebration

To echo Mark Twain’s old words - the human race has ever only had one weapon against hardship, and that’s laughter. That’s the ... Read more

A dirty job, but someone has to do it

Ever wondered what goes on in the day in the life of a garbage collector?  For most of you the answer is no.  As part ... Read more