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Party time is over, let’s work together

Published 3:33pm Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The election season has come and gone.

Here in Butler County, that means we will have a number of new officials both in our county government and municipal governments.

We recently came across a quote that former Alabama Speaker of the House Seth Hammett shared with a group of newly elected officials just down the road in Andalusia.

“I always reminded them they were state representatives, not a Birmingham or Mobile or Dothan representative, not Democratic or Republican, black or white,” Hammett said. “If you want to get elected and stay elected, stay in touch with people of your district. Talk to them and return their telephone calls. But your title is city council members. You are responsible for the entire city, not just your district.”

By the same token, city or county officials who were chosen to represent a district don’t merely represent those who cast a ballot in their favor. They also represent those who did not vote for them.

It is vital for the good of cities and county that our officials understand this. It’s equally as important that we as citizens back the efforts of our elected officials and provide them with our input.

We’ve all heard it said that you can’t complain if you don’t vote.

Well, we’d add that you can’t complain if you don’t let your elected officials hear from you. So, show up at the meetings and let them know what you think.

For those who have taken oaths of office in the last two weeks, lead us forward.

Whether you voted for them or not, these are our officials and the leaders of our cities and counties for the next four years.

Let’s put party politics aside and get busy working together to make Butler County the best place it can possibly be.

  • beckax000

    The Republican have refused to work with the Democrats for the last four years. But now that Bush’s tax cuts are set to expire on their on they want to work together! That is hilarious! How the tables have turned! During his first term Obama needed the Republicans and they refused. Now the tables have turned. I wish Obama would just ignore all the Republicans now, let the tax cuts expire. And he can do that now, because he is a ‘lame duck’ President. He can’t be reelected, has nothing to lose.

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